Kashmir: Shopper's Paradise

Resting in the lap of the soaring, snow-capped Himalayas, Kashmir is indeed a jewel in India’s crown. Apart from its endearing abode of scenic charisma, Kashmir is renowned for its handwoven majestic carpets, exotic Pashmina Shawls, Walnut wood designer furniture and intriguing papier mache products. The charisma of Persian style hand knotted Silk Carpets, the warmth of Pashmina shawls, the essence of Kashmir - Saffron, the ambrosial fruits, and the intricately carved handicraft items are the best buys on your visit to the valley of Kashmir.

However, one always cannot travel to such destinations to procure such products. But fret not. A luxury and bespoke showroom called “Meraas” houses such delicate and intricate products. Meraas is prominently located at 104/10, MG Road, Sultanpur, Metro Pillar 96, New Delhi -30. Some of the ranges include;

•    Adorn your floor with hand knotted Kashmiri Carpets

Kashmiri carpets are a must buy for anyone visiting the heavenly abode. Kashmiri carpet is a product that has captured the hearts of people world over, owing to their intricate handmade designs and durability. Carpet weaving in Kashmir is an art form which dates back to the 15th century during Mughal rule. Since then, Kashmiri carpets continue to add grace and beauty to our homes and workplaces.

•    Feel the warmth of Pashmina & Kani Shawls

The light, yet warm Pashminas are a delight to wrap around on any occasion. Embroidered with myriad exotic and colorful needlework, Pashmina shawls are deftly crafted to create intricate detailing work on the delicate fabric. They are so popular worldwide that they have become a part of every family’s heirloom. You will do injustice with your own self if you do not own the exclusive Kashmiri Pashmina shawls.

•    Add royal elegance to your interiors with Walnut Wood Furniture

Kashmir is the only place in India where the walnut tree grows maximum and so here, you will find some of the best walnut wood furniture and d├ęcor trinkets which have both ornamental and functional value. Carved through a dexterous use of mallet and chisel on wood by Kashmiri artisans, these art pieces bear recurrent motifs of the rose, lotus, iris, bunches of grapes, pears, chinar leaves and other elements inspired by the local environment and culture.

•    Artifacts that spellbind you with their beauty and intricate artwork

Kashmir is also home for exotic papier-mache products with a vast range of vanity cases to delicate paintings, jewellery boxes, wall plaques, trays, and vases. A much sought-after gift item for all ages or classes of people, these paper mache items would be appreciated by all.


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